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Refinishing of Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures

We can Refinish any fixture in your bathroom or kitchen in any color of your choice.

We carry 2 Stock Colors which are pre-matched with American Standard/ Kohler Fixtures' colors: redtub_detail

-Gloss White

-Gloss Almond (Bone)

*Custom Color are also available.

Following are the common fixtures we refinish:


-Tile Walls

-Tile Floor





-Shower Walls and Floor

-Others, please call us @ 954-455-9426


Re-facing Cabinets and New Cabinets

We can Reface existing cabinets with new Formica (Mica/ Veneer) and new Doors (Thermo Foil/ Wood)doors

Re-facing can save as much as 50% as compared to New Kitchens. Please visit our Catalog Page for different Door Styles.

We also install New Kitchens, for more information call us @ 954-455-9426










Complete Remodeling

We offer complete Remodeling of your Bathroom and Kitchen, for more information call us @ 954-455-9426